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Daily rent apartments in the center of Moscow

Rent an apartment for a day near metro Begovaya

We offer to rent apartments for a day, a week or other short term in Moscow in the excellent new «House on Begovaya», within walking distance from the Begovaya metro station and with spectacular views of the city. Renting an apartment for the price of a hotel room in a medium-priced hotel is a good choice for people who value comfort and coziness. Apartments for business travelers, vacation rentals, Moscow holidays – in «House on Begovaya» you will find the best accommodation in Moscow at affordable price.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking space
  • Guarded house
  • Elevator
  • Transfer
  • Computer

Внимание! Полная бронь с закреплением номера производится только после полной оплаты через сайт, или после частичной оплаты, через менеджера отеля.

What are we ready to offer?

We are ready to offer you fully furnished and equipped with everything you need guests apartments located at: Moscow, Khoroshevskoye Shosse 12 p.1, LCD "HOUSE ON BEGOVAYA". Excellent conditions for staying in the house are due to several positive moments that will help you make the right choice in our favor:

Why should you stay with us?

Believe that the hotel room, despite a number of advantages, is not always the best option. Higher price, the inconvenient mode of settling and clearing rooms, the uncertainty about neighbors in the rooms nearby – these circumstances clearly speak in favor of the fact that it is best to rent an apartment for a day in the center of Moscow and have at your disposal a full-fledged apartment.

Please contact us at the phone number listed on the website and in the shortest possible time you will be able to settle into a comfortable apartment. Daily rent of apartments on Begovaya can be provided at an adequate price and for a short time.

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When a person goes to another city, they have two options where to stay: a hotel or an apartment for rent. The specific choice depends on the individual preferences of each. Adherents of rent of apartments name weight of advantages of such decision. One of the first advantages that this type of rent in Moscow has is financial savings. Usually the rental price for a day is lower than the cost of a hotel room, even if the class of the latter is much inferior to it.

We offer:

  • Comfortable transfer (airport, car and railway stations);
  • A wide selection of spacious premium daily rent apartments;
  • Within walking distance from metro and historical values of the city;
  • Comfortable designer furniture;
  • Necessary household and kitchen appliances (washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves and much more);
  • Electronics (TVs and home theaters, media centers, game consoles and so on);
  • Various means of communication (high-speed Internet, digital TV more than 300 channels).

You will like renting an apartment in the «House on Begovaya», because:

  • Daily rent apartments are more familiar than hotel rooms, you will have a special feeling of being "at home";
  • When renting apartments, you will encounter fewer formalities;
  • We will pick you the apartment with the desired furnishings for every taste.